Viveka Melki | War flowers 2017

War flowers 2017

War Flowers is a multi-platform exhibition that will provide visitors with a unique immersive experience. It draws on letters written during World War I. Each letter home included a flower, poppies from Flanders and daisies from the Somme, picked from a battlefield and pressed between the pages. The letters written by Lt Col. Cant lie to his wife and children in Montréal, link to nine other key figures and provide perspectives on the Canadian contribution to the war effort. It is the story of humanity’s unfailing ability to find beauty in war. If war is a story we are doomed to repeat, then innocence appears to be its eternal partner. As these flowers have never been separated from the letters, so has war ever been part of humanity’s story. It has left its imprint on our earth, as pollen stains paper.

War Flowers will be produced by Les Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens and exhibited from June 1 to September 30, 2017. The exhibition will then tour to the following locations:
– The Canadian War Museum in Ottawa (October-December 2017)
– The new Visitor Education Centre at the Vimy Memorial Park in France (April-June 2018)
– Musée Château Ramezay Museum in Montreal (July-December 2018)

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