Viveka Melki | After Circus 2015

After Circus 2015

Director & Researcher : Viveka Melki
Screenwriter : Michael Allcock I Producer : Tortuga Films
Duration :
78 min I Years of production : 2015

After Circus is the diffusion­ filter on everyday life. I am asking in this film, how any of us who live our passion­ will stop our creations due to the physical limitations of life. When Dolly Jacobs is on the ground she is human, like the rest of us… but in the air, Dolly is something else, she is ethereal.­ All of life’s realities drop away – limitations, age and circumstance. I want to evoke the feeling that theirs is a world with boundaries, performer and audience, performance to retirement… After Circus is a deeply moving look at the endearing, amusing characters who support each other and continue to live “in circus” long after the spotlight and applause have faded.

The film has many people asking about supporting the community in Sarasota. To make a donation to the (CATS) Circus Retirement Project please go to this link:

To make a donation to the Circus Arts conservatory (Sailor Circus) please go to this link:


HotDocs 2016
Nominated in the Canadian Spectrum Feature Length Category
RIDM 2015
Nominated in National Best Feature Length Rencontre International du Documentaire de Montreal 2016
RVCQ 2015
Rendez-vous cinéma Québécois 2015 (Montréal, Canada)